Thursday, May 20, 2010

A not-so-perfect Multi-colored M&M story

“A not-so-perfect Multi-colored M&M story”
by Gemmie Valle

Seventeen years has past, a little girl was born. She was the first child in both sides of which she was from.

But then there was still something missing, a dad who’ll treat her as his only darling. The little girl was fond of kiddie stories and only spoke words in English, not until she reached Elementary. Time ran so fast, and the girl who loved fantasies seemed to have written her own life story. Puppy loves, petty fights, fairytales of her own delight – all of these has took away her fright, to the world that was somehow strange to her sight.

Many people have crossed her way. Some came and made her happy, but some came to her dismay. She made new friends, explored new places, and learned new stuffs. No matter how difficult life was, she never really stops. Belonged to the top students in her graduation, grounded she remained. Very grateful she was, for never has she failed. Happiness she felt and to God above she prayed, “Thank you so much Lord, I’m one of those You made”.

And just after some time, a new level has begun. The grand High School stairwell is where she stepped upon. Knowledge is her armor, yet perseverance is her sword. And above all the trials, she never forgot the Lord. A lot of first times happened since a new stage taken place. So many transformations were reflected on her face. The little girl who often wants to play, grew up with dreams in mind and went glad along the way.

Secondary education taught her a lot in four years. Sleepless nights and school works has developed her skills. She also learned to conquer some of her greatest fears in life. High School life, she said, was indeed worth the strife.

Then the time has come for the four years journey to end. Expressions of gratitude she made to people with whom those four years were spent. Unstoppable tears and woes were heard around the place. On every one’s faces, courage and a pinch of hurt can be traced.Even if cries and good-byes have been said to old friends, these didn’t mean that happiness has really came to an end.New people have come to her life after some time. She entered college, and everything turned out fine.

What a wonderful chance, for an excellent school girl she’s become. She thanked God so much, for the great blessing she has. Topping the class and having good grades, through these simple ways, thanking God she has made.

Now she looks forward to excel in her studies, for she dreams to improve the lifestyle of her family. She aims today that someday she would graduate, with flying colors and enter success’ gate.

And all of these, is my multi-colored M&M life story. A sweet sugar-coated life for Gemmie.

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