Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling lawyer? Why not?

June 15, 2010
12:02 AM

It's exactly 12:02 AM right now. I thought of typing a blog, since I had a long sleep about eight (8) hours ago. Obviously, I would find it hard to sleep tonight, I mean, this morning since it's already Tuesday morning. It's funny to think that I should wake up early tomorrow for my classes at about 11 AM, but then what am I doing right now? Well, I guess I just can't keep myself from blogging right now, as I believe that when you feel like doing one, don't ever try to postpone it. The delay would cause you a big disappointment, since there are tendencies for you to forget what you have in your mind and would probably then regret for not writing it immediately. I know it, 'cause I've encountered such feeling almost a hundred times. That's the main reason why my blogs for this year hasn't reached 25! (hahaha!) Most people don't know that in a day, I can be able to make more than ten (10) blogs, but that would happen only if my busy schedule permits me to. Especially for these days, I couldn't be certain about being able to make blogs daily. It saddens me, but then I have to focus in my studies. Everyday, new challenges are added. And of course, putting efforts on making a blog daily adds up to those challenges. Sad to say, this is my THIRD blog for the month of June. But then I'm trying to work on it, knowing that writing and composing different stuffs including blogging has a special place in my heart. **oh!** Lem`me tell you about what happened this day...

A few hours ago, I've been working on with my book about the Philippine Constitution. Everytime I hold that book in my hands, I remember that long time ago, I dreamt of being a well-known lawyer. Back then, I have dreamt of being a Public Attorney so as to help the victims of injustice who does not have enough money to file their cases. And after spending a few minutes in reminiscing those old times, I decided to open the book and read. First, I went through the topic that my group and I will be reporting in my subject "Politics and Governance". After making an outline, I decided to read more, even those that are not included in our report. I found it enjoying, and so I continued reading. After some time, I paused. It's because I realized that I seem to have brought back being a bookworm. Since before, I love reading. But then that hobby somehow changed for some weird yet valid reasons. I won't elaborate. But then I felt good reading that book. I felt like Im taking Law. I enjoyed my special moment, assuming that I was really a law student reviewing for the Board Exams. It may seem funny, but it's true. Durng those few hours, I was able to satisfy myself and make belief that I was reading and seating inside my own Law Firm. How ambitious, right? **clap clap**

I can say that this is the highlight of the day. Though I'm taking up a business course right now, I'm not closing my doors for any opportunity that may come my way in the next years. I have a lot of plans. Who knows? I may want to pursue being a lawyer someday, although being a lawyer is only one of my desired "future me" since I was a child. For the upcoming blogs, I might be talking about my answers in the famous "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question when I was still a child. All I want to say is that I'm happy today because for me, I was Atty. Gem. :) **laugh, giggles and kiss**

Sweetly blogging this morning,
~gem :] -- Attorney Gem :]]
^^, haha!