Saturday, December 3, 2011

Batang 90's ka ba?

While browsing, I saw this in Facebook. I forgot where, but I copied it so as to be able to share it here in my blog. It's been a long time since I last made a long post, huh. I found this really funny, and oh, I could really relate, since I was born in the 90's. So if you understand Filipino and was born during the 90's too, you may read this and definitely could relate to it. Enjoy!
Kung BATANG 90's ka,

1. Napanood mo ang Lion King.
2. Nanonood ka noon ng Hirayamanawari at Sineskwela.
3. Pag nagkikita kayo ng kalaro mo,ginagaya nyo ang Power Rangers
4. Pag babae ka, nakabili ka ng mga paper dolls na tig pipiso na may mga damit pa.
5. Nagpalobo ka ng plastic balloon na dinadamihan mo pa para malaki.
6. Sinubukan mo isara ang refrigerator nang dahan dahan para makita kung mamamatay ang ilaw.
7. Napapanood mo ang Mari Mar na original dahil pinapanood ng parents mo pag gabi.
8. Kilala mo sila Julio at Julia
9. Pag may kaya, merong Gameboy
10. Kinanta nyo ang Jubilee Song.
11. Kinakanta nyo dati ang World Youth day theme na "Tell the World of His Love", kahit mali ang lyrics nyo.
12. Natapos nyo ng ilang beses ang Super Mario sa family computer.
13. Nalaro nyo ang Super Contra at Pacman
14. Pag 3pm na, ANG TV na!
15. Gusto mo dati magkaron ng tamagochi.
16. Sumayaw ka ng Macarena.

#truethat :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweetest thing in the world.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Why you miss someone.

"Missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you've seen them or the amount of time since you've talked...
It's about that very moment when you find yourself doing something and wishing they were right there by your side."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

45 things a girl wants, but won't ask for.

Enjoy reading! I know you can relate to this, 'cause I did. :) *grin*


1. Touch her waist.
2. Actually talk to her.
3. Share secrets with her.
4. Give her your jacket.
5. Kiss her slowly.

Are you remembering this?
6. Hug her.
7. Hold her.
8. Laugh with her.
9. Invite her somewhere.
10. Hangout with her and your friends together.

11. Smile with her.
12. Take pictures with her.
13. Pull her onto your lap.
14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.
15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can’t get to her friends. It makes her feel loved.

Are you thinking of someone?
16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her.
17. Kiss her unexpectedly.
18. Hug her from behind around the waist.
19. Tell her she’s beautiful.
20. Tell her the way you feel about her.

One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it.
21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car - it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman.
22. Tell her she’s your everything - only if you mean it.
23. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her - if she denies something being wrong, it means SHE DOESN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT - so just hug her.

24. Make her feel loved.
25. Kiss her in front of OTHER girls you know!

26. Don’t lie to her.
27. DON’T cheat on her.
28. Take her ANYWHERE she wants.
29. Text message or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at school, and how much you miss her.
30. Be there for her whenever she needs you, and even when she doesn’t need you, just be there so she’ll know that she can always count on you.

31. Hold her close when she’s cold so she can hold you too.
32. When you are alone hold her close and kiss her.
33. Kiss her on the cheek; (it will give her the hint that you want to kiss her).
34. While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her lightly.

35. Don’t ever tell her to leave even jokingly or act like you’re mad. If she’s upset, comfort her.

36. When people diss her, stand up for her.
37. Look deep into her eyes and tell her you love her.
38. Lay down under the stars and put her head on your chest so she can listen to the steady beat of your heart, link your fingers together while you whisper to her as she rests her eyes and listens to you.
39. When walking next to each other grab her hand.
40. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.

41. Call or text her at night to wish her sweet dreams.
42. Comfort her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
43. Take her for long walks at night.
44. Always remind her how much you love her.
45. Sit on top of her and tell her how much you love her and then bend down to her face and kiss her while you’re sitting on her.

You’ll never know when she needs just a little more love ... ♥

[insert million smooches here]

RIP Steve Jobs

"Steven P. Jobs, the Apple Inc. chairman and co-founder who pioneered the personal-computer industry and changed the way people think about technology, died Wednesday at the age of 56.

His family, in a statement released by Apple, said Mr. Jobs "died peacefully today surrounded by his family."

The company didn't specify the cause of death. Mr. Jobs had battled pancreatic cancer and several years ago received a liver transplant. In August, Mr. Jobs stepped down as chief executive, handing the reins to longtime deputy Tim Cook."


Thanks for making life a whole lot easier and comfortable. You have certainly left a legacy for the children of tomorrow. You are a real genius.

Monday, September 19, 2011



Oo, selosa ako.
I am super selosa.

I have the tendency to be possessive too, but not in a harmful way. It's a way for people I love and care about to know that they are important to me. That I am scared to lose them by my side. 

I value relationships. I make sure that when a person is special to me, I show them I care. But sometimes, there are people in your life to whom you can't really show all the love and care that you have for them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictured thoughts.

by Gemmie Valle

I strolled along the muddy sidewalk
And sensed the drops of rain
I wondered where you were that time
I’d like to call your name
Oh my charming love, if only you were here
I’ll catch the downpour, hold your hand and walk with no fear

I saw the water, filling the road where I must walk
I decided to reside a bit longer where I was
Filled with conjure thoughts, I envisioned you were beside me
Telling me, don’t be uptight, I am here
Watching the drizzle pour down through the quiet breathing space
Where there was only you and me 
Taking hold of my small hand and squeezing it tight
A saccharine way to drive away my fright
Marveling at the moonrise and view its intermittent light
Special thoughts in my mind now play
But then the thunder roared, and all my thoughts gone astray
Then I realize how you’re so far away.

Ode to the Camera

by Gemmie Valle

I held you here in my careful hands
And gently wiped your delicate lens
With every smile and every move I make
Photos are treasured memories you take

It’s you who accompanies me
In random times of vanity
You capture these emotions of mine
Whether real or fake from time to time

You’re always there in special occasions
And treated as a cherished possession
Faster than how swift my eyes can blink
Great angles are caught with just one click

But sometimes I would like to ask you
What magic do you bring when I feel blue?
Just when I grab you and try striking a pose
I quickly turn into a beautiful rose

When no one else is there but the two of us
I simply set the timer, and yes, alas!
I pose inside my bedroom, living room or along the halls
Even if my snapshots aren’t seen in presentation walls

To you camera, oh precious camera
You catch each perspective of fun and drama
Big thanks to the bonding we had
The photos really make me glad

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Ten of the basic lady thingies are her shoes, clothes, moolah, good scent, soft hair, flexible personality, confidence, patience, one true love and strong faith in God..."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maybe I was lucky to have met you once in my life.
It's a one in a million chance, really.
And yes, I met you.
Yes, YOU. 
But we can't be together. Their would be no "US". :| 
 I guess it's impossible.
I like you, you like someone else.
With that, I guess it's over now.
Thanks for making me a better me.

Maybe, I just have to wait for years... 


Monday, February 28, 2011

Handle with care.

One hello starts it all? Not everytime, I guess. But beware, a simple hello can change the way your life goes, I mean the "normal" life you used to have. I really wish that guys, no matter how good-looking and smart they are, wouldn't take us girls for granted. We are not toys. We are not possessions. We do not live just to be a sidekick. We deserve to be treated right.

I've said goodbye to yesterday, and I'm inspired to live a better life now. I was never regretful of that "HELLO". It's over now. And that "GOODBYE" allowed me to become a better person, and of course, meet BETTER people. I wonder if the one who inspires me now would be able to read this. Perhaps that person could possibly read it, but must be unaware that HE is who I'm talking about. That would be better, for now. :D

To the one I'm thinking about right now, *insert blushing cheeks here* :"> Thanks for being an inspiration. You may not notice it, but you REALLY, REALLY took my dreams to a higher level. I wish we share the same dreams. HOHO ♥ LOL (drama!) HAHAHAHA! But seriously, you are one heck of an amazing person!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I just thought of blabbing about clouds right now because I want to be more productive. My urge to write about something tickled my bored brain cells, and here it goes.  
Hey folks, take a look at these:


 Love the beach, love the clouds, love the scene. ♥

Aren't they lovely? Since I was a kid, I had always been fascinated by nature, especially by wonderful colors that probably, "incidentally" formed up in the air or somewhere there. One of those that really captures my attention is the magical formation of clouds. Yes, they're super cool to look at, especially when you're feeling down, right?

When I was still a kid, I developed this habit of looking up above the sky, and trying to draw an imaginary figure, making the clouds and the wide sky my canvass. Unlimited canvass, huh? :) I am really imaginative and I often kill time with different forms of art, and of the coolest art-like creations in the world are clouds. Some are fluffly, some are thin. Some are dark, but most of the time, they're bright and yes, that's enough to brighten my day. My mood shifts from low to high whenever I look up in the sky (ohhh, that rhymes! HAHA!) But seriously speaking, I really, really love clouds. There are times when I look oh-so-silly, laughing alone while looking above. At that point, I probably have found something up there. Not a bird, not a plane. Perhaps, an angel. A horse. A rabbit. Two babies looking at each other. Yes, these. And many other figures, too. These are some of what I see through the interesting formation of those white cottony thingies above us. I remember a cute advertisement of a milk for children wherein a cute little boy saw a rabbit in the sky. (Oh, I love kids, too! Cuties! ♥) And somehow, my childhood memories flashback. Let me share that when I was younger, I never knew how to speak in Filipino. I was like a foreign object that flew straight here in the Philippines without knowing how to deal with the people's way of conversing with each other. During those times, the clouds is whom I talk to. I speak to the clouds as if they are my friends. I couldn't understand the way other kids in our place talked and play with each other, because they all spoke in Filipino language. All I knew was to smile at them and nod even if I have no idea what they're talking about. Thanks to my FLUFFY friends up there, who never kept me hanging like an idiot. And through them, I was able to stretch my imagination too, in the sense that it also served as my canvass, just like what I said a while ago. But to tell, I have never, ever seen purple clouds. I wonder if they exist. Do they? I want to see them, if they do.

Thanks to these cool sources, I really adore these pictures I got:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Funny Salawikain.

I was just tagged in Facebook by one of my friends in a note entitled "Funny Salawikain", and hey, I want to share it with you guys. If you understand Filipino, you'll laugh over some of them (Oh well, I found some funny) I don't know where exactly the real source of this is, but here...  Here it goes:

Ang taong nagigipit…sa bumbay kumakapit.
Birds of the same feather make a good feather duster.
Pag may usok…may nag-iihaw
Ang taong naglalakad nang matulin… may utang.
No guts, no glory… no ID, no entry
Kapag may sinuksok at walang madukot, may nandukot
Ang buhay ay parang bato, it’s hard
Walang matigas na tinapay sa gutom na tao
Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga. Kapag may taga, may tahi.
Huli man daw at magaling, undertime pa rin.
To err is human, to errs is humans.
Ang naglalakad ng matulin, late na sa appointment
Matalino man ang matsing, matsing pa rin.
Better late than later…
Aanhin ang palasyo kung ang nakatira ay kuwago, mabuti pa ang bahaykubo, sa paligid puno ng linga.
Ang sakit ng kalingkingan, kailangan ng alaxan.
Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, lumaki sa ibang bansa.
Kapag maikli ang kumot, tumangkad ka na!
Better late than pregnant
Behind the clouds are the other clouds
Do unto others… then run!!!
Kapag puno na ang salop, kumuha na ng ibang salop
Magbiro ka na sa lasing, Magbiro ka na sa bagong gising, ‘wag lang sa lasing na bagong gising.
if at first you don’t succeed, read the instructions
No man is an island because time is gold
An apple a day.. is too expensive.
An apple a day, makes seven apples a week.
An apple a day cannot be an orange a day.
Hindi lahat ng kumikinang ay ginto.. muta lang yan.
Kapag ang puno mabunga…mataba ang lupa!
When it rains…it floods
Pagkahaba haba man ng prusisyon .. mauubusan din ng kandila
Ang buhay ay parang gulong, minsan nasa ibabaw minsan nasa….vulcanizing shop.
Batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan… sapul .
Try and try until you succeed… or else try another
Ako ang nagsaing… iba ang kumain. diet ako eh.
Huwag magbilang ng manok kung alaga mo ay itik .
Kapag maiksi na ang kumot, bumili ka na ng bago,
Pag may tyaga.. goodluck. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Never say never.

Yes, never say never. But at times, you need the word "never" in your life.

Never fart on your first date.


So here's how the real thing goes:

Never assume.
Never expect.
Never ask too much.
Never ASK FOR too much. (Hey, it's different from the previous one. THINK!)
Never be too demanding.
Never be too possessive.

Just let it be. If it's meant to be, it will happen :)'

**Insert tears here**

Behind every girl's fanciful story, I know that there's a certain guy that she can't get rid of. He may be forgotten by the mind, but not the heart. Shout out to all those girls out there who still reminisces their past, or maybe misses the old times, or even looks at the old photos you and "HE" once had. I know that feeling, really :)

Goodnight ♥

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do marketers create needs?

Do marketers really create needs? If the answer is yes, how does a marketer do that? If no, then what do they do instead?

Oh well, this is the question that I am now dealing with. It was given by our Professor last Monday for us to tackle as our second homework for this term. Upon hearing the question, a lot of ideas popped into my mind, thinking whether I'd belong to the yeas or nays side. HUH. it's indeed a bit of a battle. I myself argues with the same me, 'cause a lot of explanations may arise in this type of question. Actually, it would probably make a good topic for a debate. 

But the question is, will I belong to the affirmative or not?

Pro or Anti?

OH WELL... Let's see. :)

Hmm. For me, marketers DO NOT create needs. Why?

Needs are existing from the start even without the existence of sales and marketing. People, in order to live, have these basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter in order to survive. Marketers, on the other hand, exist in order to create something to respond to those needs. Technically, they don't create the needs. They create the MEANS TO RESPOND to those needs and in return, be able to earn profit from what they have created.

Also, it is because basic needs do not change over time. They remain as they are. What changes are the trends, style and the manner on which a product or service is delivered. And the role of marketers is to think creatively. Be dynamic. Create products based on what is in demand or what is trending in order for the consumers to appreciate what they are trying to offer. But the question is, is there a change in the need? For example, a person needs something to wear. During summer, marketers promote thin clothes and apparel in bursting bright and candy colors that fit the summer season. But during winter, they promote thick and dark-colored ones. So now, has the need changed? It has not. Still, the specific need here is "CLOTHING". (I hope you understood what I'm trying to say :D )

These are just some of my ideas with regards to this question. I hope I was able to make sense out of it. I still have a lot in mind, but then I need to end this already. Shout out to all those aspiring marketers! And also, to those who are taking up PRINMAR or any marketing-related subject who has ended up reading this post of mine for possible reasons:

1. We got the same Professor. (Clue: Favorite expression is "AMAZING"!)
2.  You were asked to have an answer to this question and have some sort of a debate in class.
3. You are curious about the role of a marketer... OR
4. Whatever reason have you. :))


* Note: To those who are doing their homework in PRINMAR or any marketing-related subject, you may answer what I have said. Perhaps if you think the other way around, feel free to oppose through your thoughts in your paper. :D All of these are just based on what I think. :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

She is Esther.

Esther, you are loved ♥

One of the movies I watched at home was Orphan, starring the very adorable Isabelle Fuhrman. The first part showed the couple who lost their unborn baby, Jessica. At first, I thought that it was a horror film, not until the character named Esther (Isabelle) was revealed. She looks oh-so-charming and adorable. But I never knew that her endearing looks can be deceiving. I got strucked by her charisma. Her face alone was so innocent, accompanied by her sweet voice. OH-SO-CUTE! She’s a real cutie!

I adore how she carried her charm, knowing that she’s a young girl. I can’t believe that she was only 10 years old when she was cast in her role as Esther in Orphan. She acted like she was, oh my! Oh, anyway! :) As I glanced at some of her photos through the Internet, she looks all grown up now. I really love her. ♥ 

One more thing, I love her fashion sense. Her wardrobe in Orphan totally rocks and calls for a booming WOW! Oh, just sharing. She trapped me into that, really :)

Ooops! Look at these! Isn't it amazing how she can transform from one character to another? Versatile, indeed! :)