Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do marketers create needs?

Do marketers really create needs? If the answer is yes, how does a marketer do that? If no, then what do they do instead?

Oh well, this is the question that I am now dealing with. It was given by our Professor last Monday for us to tackle as our second homework for this term. Upon hearing the question, a lot of ideas popped into my mind, thinking whether I'd belong to the yeas or nays side. HUH. it's indeed a bit of a battle. I myself argues with the same me, 'cause a lot of explanations may arise in this type of question. Actually, it would probably make a good topic for a debate. 

But the question is, will I belong to the affirmative or not?

Pro or Anti?

OH WELL... Let's see. :)

Hmm. For me, marketers DO NOT create needs. Why?

Needs are existing from the start even without the existence of sales and marketing. People, in order to live, have these basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter in order to survive. Marketers, on the other hand, exist in order to create something to respond to those needs. Technically, they don't create the needs. They create the MEANS TO RESPOND to those needs and in return, be able to earn profit from what they have created.

Also, it is because basic needs do not change over time. They remain as they are. What changes are the trends, style and the manner on which a product or service is delivered. And the role of marketers is to think creatively. Be dynamic. Create products based on what is in demand or what is trending in order for the consumers to appreciate what they are trying to offer. But the question is, is there a change in the need? For example, a person needs something to wear. During summer, marketers promote thin clothes and apparel in bursting bright and candy colors that fit the summer season. But during winter, they promote thick and dark-colored ones. So now, has the need changed? It has not. Still, the specific need here is "CLOTHING". (I hope you understood what I'm trying to say :D )

These are just some of my ideas with regards to this question. I hope I was able to make sense out of it. I still have a lot in mind, but then I need to end this already. Shout out to all those aspiring marketers! And also, to those who are taking up PRINMAR or any marketing-related subject who has ended up reading this post of mine for possible reasons:

1. We got the same Professor. (Clue: Favorite expression is "AMAZING"!)
2.  You were asked to have an answer to this question and have some sort of a debate in class.
3. You are curious about the role of a marketer... OR
4. Whatever reason have you. :))


* Note: To those who are doing their homework in PRINMAR or any marketing-related subject, you may answer what I have said. Perhaps if you think the other way around, feel free to oppose through your thoughts in your paper. :D All of these are just based on what I think. :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

She is Esther.

Esther, you are loved ♥

One of the movies I watched at home was Orphan, starring the very adorable Isabelle Fuhrman. The first part showed the couple who lost their unborn baby, Jessica. At first, I thought that it was a horror film, not until the character named Esther (Isabelle) was revealed. She looks oh-so-charming and adorable. But I never knew that her endearing looks can be deceiving. I got strucked by her charisma. Her face alone was so innocent, accompanied by her sweet voice. OH-SO-CUTE! She’s a real cutie!

I adore how she carried her charm, knowing that she’s a young girl. I can’t believe that she was only 10 years old when she was cast in her role as Esther in Orphan. She acted like she was, oh my! Oh, anyway! :) As I glanced at some of her photos through the Internet, she looks all grown up now. I really love her. ♥ 

One more thing, I love her fashion sense. Her wardrobe in Orphan totally rocks and calls for a booming WOW! Oh, just sharing. She trapped me into that, really :)

Ooops! Look at these! Isn't it amazing how she can transform from one character to another? Versatile, indeed! :)