Thursday, February 24, 2011


I just thought of blabbing about clouds right now because I want to be more productive. My urge to write about something tickled my bored brain cells, and here it goes.  
Hey folks, take a look at these:


 Love the beach, love the clouds, love the scene. ♥

Aren't they lovely? Since I was a kid, I had always been fascinated by nature, especially by wonderful colors that probably, "incidentally" formed up in the air or somewhere there. One of those that really captures my attention is the magical formation of clouds. Yes, they're super cool to look at, especially when you're feeling down, right?

When I was still a kid, I developed this habit of looking up above the sky, and trying to draw an imaginary figure, making the clouds and the wide sky my canvass. Unlimited canvass, huh? :) I am really imaginative and I often kill time with different forms of art, and of the coolest art-like creations in the world are clouds. Some are fluffly, some are thin. Some are dark, but most of the time, they're bright and yes, that's enough to brighten my day. My mood shifts from low to high whenever I look up in the sky (ohhh, that rhymes! HAHA!) But seriously speaking, I really, really love clouds. There are times when I look oh-so-silly, laughing alone while looking above. At that point, I probably have found something up there. Not a bird, not a plane. Perhaps, an angel. A horse. A rabbit. Two babies looking at each other. Yes, these. And many other figures, too. These are some of what I see through the interesting formation of those white cottony thingies above us. I remember a cute advertisement of a milk for children wherein a cute little boy saw a rabbit in the sky. (Oh, I love kids, too! Cuties! ♥) And somehow, my childhood memories flashback. Let me share that when I was younger, I never knew how to speak in Filipino. I was like a foreign object that flew straight here in the Philippines without knowing how to deal with the people's way of conversing with each other. During those times, the clouds is whom I talk to. I speak to the clouds as if they are my friends. I couldn't understand the way other kids in our place talked and play with each other, because they all spoke in Filipino language. All I knew was to smile at them and nod even if I have no idea what they're talking about. Thanks to my FLUFFY friends up there, who never kept me hanging like an idiot. And through them, I was able to stretch my imagination too, in the sense that it also served as my canvass, just like what I said a while ago. But to tell, I have never, ever seen purple clouds. I wonder if they exist. Do they? I want to see them, if they do.

Thanks to these cool sources, I really adore these pictures I got:

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