Monday, February 28, 2011

Handle with care.

One hello starts it all? Not everytime, I guess. But beware, a simple hello can change the way your life goes, I mean the "normal" life you used to have. I really wish that guys, no matter how good-looking and smart they are, wouldn't take us girls for granted. We are not toys. We are not possessions. We do not live just to be a sidekick. We deserve to be treated right.

I've said goodbye to yesterday, and I'm inspired to live a better life now. I was never regretful of that "HELLO". It's over now. And that "GOODBYE" allowed me to become a better person, and of course, meet BETTER people. I wonder if the one who inspires me now would be able to read this. Perhaps that person could possibly read it, but must be unaware that HE is who I'm talking about. That would be better, for now. :D

To the one I'm thinking about right now, *insert blushing cheeks here* :"> Thanks for being an inspiration. You may not notice it, but you REALLY, REALLY took my dreams to a higher level. I wish we share the same dreams. HOHO ♥ LOL (drama!) HAHAHAHA! But seriously, you are one heck of an amazing person!

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