Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictured thoughts.

by Gemmie Valle

I strolled along the muddy sidewalk
And sensed the drops of rain
I wondered where you were that time
I’d like to call your name
Oh my charming love, if only you were here
I’ll catch the downpour, hold your hand and walk with no fear

I saw the water, filling the road where I must walk
I decided to reside a bit longer where I was
Filled with conjure thoughts, I envisioned you were beside me
Telling me, don’t be uptight, I am here
Watching the drizzle pour down through the quiet breathing space
Where there was only you and me 
Taking hold of my small hand and squeezing it tight
A saccharine way to drive away my fright
Marveling at the moonrise and view its intermittent light
Special thoughts in my mind now play
But then the thunder roared, and all my thoughts gone astray
Then I realize how you’re so far away.

Ode to the Camera

by Gemmie Valle

I held you here in my careful hands
And gently wiped your delicate lens
With every smile and every move I make
Photos are treasured memories you take

It’s you who accompanies me
In random times of vanity
You capture these emotions of mine
Whether real or fake from time to time

You’re always there in special occasions
And treated as a cherished possession
Faster than how swift my eyes can blink
Great angles are caught with just one click

But sometimes I would like to ask you
What magic do you bring when I feel blue?
Just when I grab you and try striking a pose
I quickly turn into a beautiful rose

When no one else is there but the two of us
I simply set the timer, and yes, alas!
I pose inside my bedroom, living room or along the halls
Even if my snapshots aren’t seen in presentation walls

To you camera, oh precious camera
You catch each perspective of fun and drama
Big thanks to the bonding we had
The photos really make me glad

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Ten of the basic lady thingies are her shoes, clothes, moolah, good scent, soft hair, flexible personality, confidence, patience, one true love and strong faith in God..."