Thursday, December 31, 2015

I wanna write something... but I'm sleepy.
Maybe I'm not perfectly brave enough to conquer your storm, but with the kind of love I have for you, I think you're the only sea I would continuously choose to sail on.

I'm not sure where every piece of detail is headed. I know the answers aren't pretty much laid in front of me, but at least I see progress in this. At the moment, it might not fit to either a yes or a no. Not even a maybe. Maybe is something you say when you aren't sure. I am. Quite enough sure. But the bitchy universe won't just hand everything to you as you wish. Pretty odd it may seem to them, but my love, I choose to stay. With you. Yes, we might have lost things, that huge bunch of trust, and all those happy thoughts. Yeah, there's a blip, as you say. But I got faith that they'll be found once again, and that kind of "tomorrow" I look forward to (with you) will definitely be worth the wait.
I wanna blow better vibes at you, love - coz sometimes, good vibes aren't enough.
Trust me, you can never be casual with someone you got extreme feelings for. My feelings for you can never be on a dress-down mode.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


If one day, you'd come to hesitate whether you'd choose me or someone else, don't choose me. Your hesitation tells me everything.

Straight A's

I did silly things. Yes. And even before you knew it, I knew I was screwed up. BIGTIME.

They say everybody deserves a second chance. Even I, myself, doubt that I could easily forgive myself for that mishap. I don't know. Shit happened, but I'm willing to make up for all of those.

Let's love. Let's make new memories together. I've learned my lesson in getting straight A's for messing up real bad the past few, but yeah, I'm serious. I did not mean to hurt you, nor cause you pain and tears. Let's bury the hatchet. Let's make this work.

Random 7pm woes.
"We get to be in constant awe of a person not because of the way they look, but by the way we see them."

This is one random thing I realized while I was having milktea with this person I love. As I was taking a sip, I stared at this person. I value this person so much. I got to have a moment of serenitEA with this awesome one. I felt like I had this "Lang Leav moment" when I thought of those sweet lines. Because of this person, I tend to be poetic and melodramatic. This person inspires and moves me a lot. Yes, a lot has happened that might not be according to our will, but I'm sure everything has a reason. We might not know which way we're bound to go, but I believe it's more about choices rather than chances. And I choose you, my love. Let's take this chance together.

I love you. xx 

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Sandwich Guy

I'm working night shift now. Our pantry guys are on vacay, so we got no food in there. I was supposed to just settle for coffee and not eat anything, when I suddenly got the urge to order some food. Real food. Good thing, we got a very accessible The Sandwich Guy branch beside our office. Took my lunch break at 11PM and got these for myself:

Yep, here's my order. Pesto pasta and Caesar salad from The Sandwich Guy. Woot! Did not want to eat rice, so I settled for these two. 

Pesto - P60.00
Caesar salad - P75.00

For just P135.00, I was able to have a good meal. I'm tired of feeding my body with the typical meals from fastfood chains nearby. At least, this is a healthier option than what I usually order. TSG really got good menu choices if you want to skip your fastfood habit. I got my order in less than 5 minutes. I'm starting to buy more often from this store. If you haven't tried it, you should.

Happy shift to me! I'm currently working alone right now since my colleagues are already gone for the day. xx


I remember those days when we used to have our own jargons in the course of us. Like, yeah, every relationship has their own unique shiznits. Unique "pet names" for each other. Chosen term of endearment. Own theme song/s. Own world.

Of all of them that may possibly belong to the aforementioned items, the last one is what I miss the most. Having our very own world. Every single day, I try to drag myself back to those times when everything seems nearly perfect. I've come to love everything about you, including your flaws and imperfections.

I loved how you get pissed with some the jokes I throw. The way you like your coffee, so strong that it makes we want to puke whenever I try to take a sip of it. The way you make fun of my big forehead (when in fact yours is also an airport haha!). The way we sneak our way out of everyone's sight and go to random places I never used to go to. The way we deal with train wars (because every train ride is an adventure for us). The way we look at each other (sometimes I cannot figure out if it translates to admiration or silent disgust LOL). The way we treat each other - sib, partner, bestfriend, parent, pet (LOL), significant other, betterhalf and all others. Yeah, technically, we WERE NEVER FRIENDS prior to this magical kind of set-up we've decided to be involved in. If I were to be asked, I'd never change any of those circumstances back then. We were awesome the way we've come to be, and the fact that time and chance has drawn us close to each other is really something to be thankful for. It's funny how you were once a stranger, and now you mean everything to me.

Do you recall how we were? I still recall when we used to change hearts to a clover simply because that was one of our weird jargons. I miss you. I miss US. Clover clover. Lots of clover.
Love lots,

Past tense

I'm so in love with this person. I wanted to tell the world how much this person means to me. Without any doubt. Without any hesitation. Without any judgment. Just love. Just us.

Sometimes, I think of us flying to another land, living that kind of life we have tried writing in a small, random tissue paper we've got from our pocket. Making memories of our own, without having to worry where our actions (no matter how impulsive or silly) will take us. Without having to explain to others that this is what we opt for. This is what we want. This is what we have.

But then I woke up one day, realizing... that was what we opted for. That was what we wanted. That was what we had.
Some of the choices I thought were the best did not choose to serve me well. Worst part? I just have to be okay with that.

Reindeer Park at Mckinley Hill

Earlier before tonight's shift started, I was able to stroll around Mckinley's Reindeer Park with this person I love. We spent some time together sharing random stories and even (luckily) witnessed a few seconds of a fireworks show from somewhere not too far from where we were.

I work near this recent attraction that was put up (I think temporarily? Not sure though) around Mckinley Hill, Taguig City, but this was my first time to take some pictures of this sweet, serene view.

It was a short stroll indeed, but I enjoyed our togetherness. 'Til next time, love. xx

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cake break.

I randomly craved cake. Aside from the fact that I recently cut my sugar intake, I'm currently under reconstruction (as my blog title says). So I deserve a cake break (LOL!) Also, I feel (so) broken, so I decided to have my sister run to the nearest Red Ribbon branch and get me a box of cake.

My sister called me to confirm what flavor to buy. Among the options she mentioned, I opted for their Rocky Road cake. Haven't tried it before, and yaaass, it's good. Not too sweet for me. 

Yes, you just don't buy cake to celebrate something. For me, it's a box of smiles. I badly need this. Been crying to much lately. xx

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Ever heard of the word "smize"? This term has gained its popularity since it was coined by supermodel Tyra Banks in America's Next Top Model. It actually means "Smiling with your eyes".

During the recent Miss Universe 2015 pageant, Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was seen gracing the pageant stage with her awesome and well-crafted art of smizing. Take a look:

Meanwhile, as I try to goof around after having a good meal, I tried to take my own smize shot (but just my eyes lol I tried ok hahaha)

OK. Not even close to an actual smize. HAH!

I do love my eyes, eyeshadow and brows here, though. Heehee!

BTW, congratulations to our queen, Pia! ♥♥♥ You make us so proud. Thank you for your Christmas gift to all Pinoys. Well done, gorgeous lady.

Pizza is forever

Today, I frantically got the urge to buy some pizza and share it with the betterhalf.

Thanks to Yellow Cab. They're open today even if it's the 24th of December (I actually anticipated that they're closed). Bought their Charlie Chan and Prosciutto Ham and Boursin Cheese.

Pizza will never leave me.
Pizza will never make me cry.
Pizza makes me happy. 
Pizza is forever.
Pizza? Pizza.


Just wanna blab. This is me getting tired of everything. All that asinine behavior that other people carelessly give away just for the heck of it. Sometimes I wanna tell these "bored" people to just try peddling and showing off their sordid wares elsewhere and stop bothering me.

Random 4am rants.

William Singe

This time of the day gives me a bunch of random thoughts. Everytime. And right now all I think about is my favorite artist, William Singe.
Googled him and tried to create an awesome William GIF. Heehee. ♥
If you haven't heard his awesome covers, you must. 
Too adorbs. smh ♥


I've suddenly had the thought of getting tatted. Being too engrossed with the Divergent series made me want to get inked with ravens, same with what Tris had in the story.

Maybe if I weren't too scared of needles, I already had this effin' awesome tattoo in my collarbone.

Random 3am thoughts while working. xx
#tattoo #3amthoughts #Tris #Divergent #ravens

Image not mine. Source:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Back after years


Back in the game. Have not posted anything for more than two years, I guess? Sharing my tiara selfie from last Sunday's party :D Heehee

I missed posting random stuff! Will now try to blog again. ♥