Monday, December 28, 2015


I remember those days when we used to have our own jargons in the course of us. Like, yeah, every relationship has their own unique shiznits. Unique "pet names" for each other. Chosen term of endearment. Own theme song/s. Own world.

Of all of them that may possibly belong to the aforementioned items, the last one is what I miss the most. Having our very own world. Every single day, I try to drag myself back to those times when everything seems nearly perfect. I've come to love everything about you, including your flaws and imperfections.

I loved how you get pissed with some the jokes I throw. The way you like your coffee, so strong that it makes we want to puke whenever I try to take a sip of it. The way you make fun of my big forehead (when in fact yours is also an airport haha!). The way we sneak our way out of everyone's sight and go to random places I never used to go to. The way we deal with train wars (because every train ride is an adventure for us). The way we look at each other (sometimes I cannot figure out if it translates to admiration or silent disgust LOL). The way we treat each other - sib, partner, bestfriend, parent, pet (LOL), significant other, betterhalf and all others. Yeah, technically, we WERE NEVER FRIENDS prior to this magical kind of set-up we've decided to be involved in. If I were to be asked, I'd never change any of those circumstances back then. We were awesome the way we've come to be, and the fact that time and chance has drawn us close to each other is really something to be thankful for. It's funny how you were once a stranger, and now you mean everything to me.

Do you recall how we were? I still recall when we used to change hearts to a clover simply because that was one of our weird jargons. I miss you. I miss US. Clover clover. Lots of clover.
Love lots,

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