Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"We get to be in constant awe of a person not because of the way they look, but by the way we see them."

This is one random thing I realized while I was having milktea with this person I love. As I was taking a sip, I stared at this person. I value this person so much. I got to have a moment of serenitEA with this awesome one. I felt like I had this "Lang Leav moment" when I thought of those sweet lines. Because of this person, I tend to be poetic and melodramatic. This person inspires and moves me a lot. Yes, a lot has happened that might not be according to our will, but I'm sure everything has a reason. We might not know which way we're bound to go, but I believe it's more about choices rather than chances. And I choose you, my love. Let's take this chance together.

I love you. xx 

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