Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It's just Day 4 of 2016 and I feel the pressure in my throat. Aside from the daily kick of challenges and non-optional misery in various forms, 2016 has laid me things which I think is outside the realm of reality. Pretty much a good start, huh?

To be honest, I don't feel well a couple days before 2016 came in. A lot of things are happening, and I'm not even sure I am able to follow. It's like a huge whirlwind. Everything is like straightforward gray in my head. I remember one night (just recently) when I was filled with thoughts and decided to drink alone at home and I ended up falling asleep in my wine like a lost soul. The next morning, I suddenly jolted as I opened my eyes and felt a pang of anxiety, so I stared for what felt like years at the painting that hung itself on our white wall.

Recently, a bunch of ppl have come to ask if I have a New Year's resolution. Through the years, I've pretty much avoided the slight hassle of coming up with a list of to-do's for the upcoming year. I think I randomly do it whenever I feel like it, not just when the new year's about to hug us all. 

A lot of ppl seems to be busy posting their New Year's resolution in different social media sites. I decided to come up with a list of things I'd like to do/accomplish this year. (Maybe not all but I hope to do most of them)

Hmm, where to start?
- Blog more
- Read (and buy) more books!
- Fix my legal documents (ugh)
- Travel to an underrated paradise 
- Make peace with everyone (for world peace lol)
- Get a place and move out (yaaaass!)
- Get inked (?) lol jk scared of needles
- Learn a new language
- Meet a lot of new ppl
- Buy a guitar (Lalala!)
- Stargazing
- Buy a new banduria
- Learn to drive 
- Go camping with friends with a bunch of marshmallows
- Try a haircolor I never had before
- Eat healthier
- Cook a very special dish for that special someone
- Go skydiving with the awesome one
- Watch more horror films (yaaaasss!)
- Go somewhere far - alone.
- Create a decal wall art at home (yiiiiee)
- Get a passport (for chrissake, I need one)
- Find answers to unanswered questions (wow how deep lol)
- Paint on a huge canvass (the Pollock style or whatev)
- Create a sweet scrapbook
- Spend more quality time with the fambam
- Enroll myself in one that would teach me something new (wew)

Well, what else?

I know there's a lot more, but that's prolly all for now. I look forward to knowing what's in store for me this year.

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