Sunday, January 10, 2016


I got up early to do something I forgot to do last night because I was so damn sleepy. I suddenly realized that it's Sunday and it got me singing like, "Sunday morning rain is falling" (it ain't raining tho lol). I got a party to go to later. Good thing I was already able to hear mass yesterday (yaaass)!

I feel like I haven't had any decent sleep in the past few, just hard-to-buy-naps everywhere - in the jeepney, at my workstation, at the comfort room while peeing (srsly, don't laugh), at the church while I was busy praying for dear me and my broken pieces (lol the place makes me feel so secured and at ease) and other random places. So yeah. Then this morning, I woke up with mixed thoughts (is this even something new with me?). I taste bile. I really cannot understand how I feel. Recent happenings enjoy their little drama of fucking up with my already-fucked-up mind. Great. I'm now trying to think about my recent self. Am I on the brink of depriving myself or am I giving in to my whims way too much? I really can't plainly tell. Ugh. This is a sandstorm of all the shiznits I got recently. Ulk.

I need a break.

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