Tuesday, January 19, 2016


What is "habal-habal"?

The "habal-habal" thing is said to be actually known in some provinces in the Philippines wherein motorcycles are modified with extended seats to be able to hold more people in just one ride. I've heard stories wherein some can hold more than 5 (most that I heard had 13! Woah) people all at once.

But around Makati and Taguig area where most ppl work, it's also a known form of transit, especially to those who are willing to pay a bit more just to get to the office on time and in a less-hassle way. The local version of habal-habal guys just accommodate one (or 2 at most) passenger/s for a reasonable price of P45-50, which isn't really bad compared to taking a cab which is more prone to getting you stuck in traffic and consequently late for work. I myself, for roughly 3 months now, is turning out to be a huge fan of this a-little-pricey-but-fun-and-fast-joyride. I actually recall that week wherein I kind of got addicted to the "feels" of getting to work via a motorcycle ride. I did not care even I pay more than twice compared to having taken two jeepney rides which is what I usually do.

I thank God for this awesome "new thing" in the world of transit. These fast kuya motorcycle drivers can really turn your almost 1-hour ride to  a 10-minute (or less) ride, despite the heavy traffic. You'll surely get to your office in no time. 

Took the "habal-habal" on my way to work today. Hihi

This is me smiling like an idiot, trying to take a decent shot while we're swiftly passing along Forbes area. HAHAHA!

... and this is kuya habal (LOL). 

So yeah.

If you haven't tried it, you must if you got any chance to. It's fun, I swear. LOL

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