Thursday, January 28, 2016

La vie en rose.

I just suddenly recall that faithful day in a fancy spot in Makati. You were wearing some black piece of clothing and I failed to recognize who you were based on how you've disposed yourself the first time I saw you. I cannot vividly describe though how I first knew you. Everything was a blur. I don't even notice you on a typical day-to-day basis. Until one day, the way I see you totally changed.

I don't know what exactly pulls me closer to you. I guess I have mastered the art of figuring out whether you're hungry, pissed, happy, sleepy even though you often give away that idiosyncratic, inscrutable slash unfathomable behavior. I cannot tell. It's an enchanting crossbreed of the way you carry yourself. The easy way you laugh. That smile that leaves me bewitched. Your voice on the phone that leaves me cosseted. I can prolly go on all day here but there will never be enough words to describe how positively smitten I am with all these and more. I see more in you than what you and others prolly will, simply because I value you, unyieldingly, and the world is a better place since you've been around me.

You could have just given me a warm hug after our petty fight. Sometimes I don't understand you. But I love you anyway. And that's what matters.


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