Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last night, I took a picture of you while you were busy laughing at something you saw online. You look so lovable. So adorable in my eyes. I honestly wanted to kiss you while I took that sweet photo of yours. I was slowly whispering, "God, I love this person". I suppose that would also be an awesome caption for those pictures, don't you think?

And now before I posted this short note, I was busily staring at your pictures. I took less than five pictures that moment, maybe four to be exact, all were you in a side view shot. I did not look away for even a sec. If only my stare can melt you down in real life, you're a melted ice cream now. Srsly. I just want to thank God that this person in the photos exist in my life. I feel so overwhelmed of the love I want to give you. I love you. 

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