Monday, January 18, 2016

Letters from you ♥

So yeah. I got up waaaay earlier than I must this morning, and I decided to fix my stuff (as always lol). I came across good ol' stuffs I thought have been misplaced or were thrown away. I tried to make kutkot random thingamabobs I found inside my cabinet. Then I saw this:

This was given by someone really special. It may not be a really artistic version of a "drawing", but I super love it. This brings back a lot of mem'ries. "Hi, my nightowl!" *giggles*

We tried creating this simple checklist for us. So far, we ticked just some of it. We often end up doing something else whenever we plan to make some of these happen 'coz we're so random. This feels nostalgic. Oh, how time flies.

► Failed movie dates. (Soon? Dunno)
► Failed concert plans (Too busy, our budget's tight for those we opt for, or we're just plainly unavailable due to work demands and being too pre-occupied with our own shiz)
► Coffee date (more of random coffee trips or take-out coffee shiznits)
► Madami pang iba (hmmm, I look forward to this)

My favorite part is "Just the two of us"

Hihi. Reminiscing. 

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