Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2334H - Drake and all 'em current ish

Drake playlist on loop.
Got some colds and some mixed-up thoughts.
But these songs I'm playing right now are helping me keep up with the now.

Had my first meal for today just a few seconds ago bc I had to take my nap once I got home earlier today, and almost all of my time gets used up on the road, really.


Ok this is random.
I saw this online and I dunno if I am to laugh or what.

Oh well.
Thank you Drake for being there.
You lift up my mood. LOL

So yeah.
I got the need to wrap things up.
A lot has been going on lately, but I'm thankful that I still get to keep up with dear sanity. (LOL)
Everything may be excruciating, but I know anything that does not appear to be okay for now will soon be, just because.

Uh, yeah.
This day made me think that perhaps there's a reason not to discredit your gut instinct.
Like, hell man, that's not being a psycho (errmm) or fucking paranoia but being human makes us capable of being able to grasp shoddy shiz.

Oh well.

Cheers to better vibes.
Positive-thinking and prayers actually work.

... and a less-dramatic playlist also does a lot of work here, srsly. ♥

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