Monday, February 1, 2016

Love and other shiz.

Love is an enchanting thing.

Even Disney movies would have made you believe that ever since you were a child. You've grown fascinated with the wonders of this very powerful thing in existence. No one could argue with the fact that it is always a great feeling to love and be loved. 

We end up searching for the puzzles around us for that would make us complete and happy. We find love in a thousand forms. We find it from friends, family, and even pets. However, we're bound to have the glorious attempt of finding that one great love. The one that fits to their so-called "soul mate". (does that even exist? LOL)

If you're lucky enough, you get to get your soul mate in just one hit, like winning the jackpot in a Casino game. Some fall in love twice, thrice, many times and are still on the constant pursuit to find someone they can call "theirs". I'm not sure how others remain (and opt) not to fall in love at all. This "craving" to have someone to have and hold is something you got a control of - either you could toss away the very idea of it or hug it until you learn the art of getting numb. Being in love, as I may say, has got me all drawn into it (by experience) and has that the capability to invigorate all your senses. From that certain state where you seem to be totally disinterested, it can work its way to make you climb another level until you find it hard to halt. I ask you now, has this cliché killed you yet? It's killing me... little by little. And it's not easy. Nobody said it was, prick.

I should stop being hard on myself, knowing that emotions do not run like clockwork. It's pretty much unpredictable, and you go through some same shit from time to time. At one point, you're so excited and you feel ready for the next step, but shit happens, and you act worse than a musophobic trying to get out of a weird rat encounter.

One of the worst (and pathetic) excuses I've heard is that one does not have the time for you. For chrissake, I got to work my humble arse off having two jobs to pay the bills and others, but I never saw myself not having time for my significant other. If you're like me, you prolly choose him/her over sleep, over meals and whatnot. But just like any other, I'm no superhuman. 

We also reach those points when we burn out and break down.

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  1. I made this poem Or whatever this is way back in my 3rd year college. It is the season of creating formal papers and what not in Filipino class. Those are the days that I feel broken without really knowing why and I thought hey probably because I still do not have a boyfriend when everyone does. It is not just right when you don’t feel love. I’m blessed I found my great love and I’m more than satisfied. 

    I’m here all alone
    Waiting for someone to come along
    Believing in destiny
    Believing that there is someone for me

    But what if he wouldn’t come?
    What if he already passed by?
    Should I be sorry?
    Or should I accept that I am invisible that it’s impossible for someone to see me.


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