Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I'll do the melody if you do the harmony.

But most of the time, even if you don't, I still find that mandatory melody.


This is a game for two. *gasp*
Now I feel uneasy in my chair because of those times that I feel like it's a battle of one.
Tipsy nights like this, and I know that this is not bc of the light apple liquor I sneakily consumed tonight.
I got a lot in my mind right now.
I'm in the constant attempt of keeping all of my shit together.
Where am I right now? Like, really?

Oh well.
** S I G H  **

I got roughly two hours here in my lax workstation. With me and my blanket, and this awesome HTGAWM sesh.

I need a breather.

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  1. Jeg vil bruke tid på å lese bloggen din å kjenne deg mer enn hva du forteller meg personlig, men hva du virkelig ønsker å si uten å si et ord.


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