Friday, March 4, 2016


Just like the earth, every individual has their own layers.
From time to time, you gotta peel to discover what one is made of.
For some fvckin' arseholes, you get a lot of layers beneath in just a short span of time.
Every time, you get surprised with what good and dark areas are beyond the naked eyes.
You peel so hard out of curiosity, and you end up wanting for more deets because you're one eager cat, delving into the inner core of one's hidden arena.
Some of those silly times, you peel so much more to see if there's that some kind of layer which you're hoping to see.
Now I'm in that deep, deep core.

How much deeper am I willing to explore?

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  1. Hva gjør du vil grave mer? Hvor har du tenkt å gå?


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