Tuesday, May 31, 2016


How come radical honesty has been taken as compulsive lying?

Ppl are twisted.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I refuse to justify your insanity just to make you feel better about yourself.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Come what May

Howdy. Haven't posted in a long, long while. Gaahd! 

Hmmm. Not particularly due to the lack of motivation per se, just sorta, prolly.
Perhaps I just missed that little nudge to post anything here.
I seldom update my Facebook too, for one. 
Maybe I tweet a little in the past few, but just some "hiccup" tweets.
Or rage tweeting, maybe.

It's like, what do I blog (or blab) about here in that almost-two-months-hiatus?

Nothing much has happened, aside from the infamous work-home and love/love-love/hate diagesis between me and the significant other (or whatever  that's called uhduhknow)

Some of those that have happened, I just opt to pretend did not exist at all.
Some of them I'd like to revere.
Some of them I deem unnecessary to keep up with dear sanity.
Some of them I'd like more clarification on.
Some of them are stories which I can hardly figure whether or not that's the book's last chapter, or does it suggest any eloquent postscript.

It's already May but everything's still a blur.
So yeah, come what MAY.

That's all for now.
A bit sleepy already here in my workstation.


Just like shapes.
Except for circles, yeah, shapes have sides. 
Just like you. Ppl have different facades, don't they?

Funny side. Sexual side. Emotional side. Intellectual side. Spiritual side. Soft side. Bitchy side.
Add them all up into one mafioso combination and be you.
That one you.
Make your own brand.
Pick your own choices.
After all, it is your life to live, not theirs.