Thursday, May 19, 2016

Come what May

Howdy. Haven't posted in a long, long while. Gaahd! 

Hmmm. Not particularly due to the lack of motivation per se, just sorta, prolly.
Perhaps I just missed that little nudge to post anything here.
I seldom update my Facebook too, for one. 
Maybe I tweet a little in the past few, but just some "hiccup" tweets.
Or rage tweeting, maybe.

It's like, what do I blog (or blab) about here in that almost-two-months-hiatus?

Nothing much has happened, aside from the infamous work-home and love/love-love/hate diagesis between me and the significant other (or whatever  that's called uhduhknow)

Some of those that have happened, I just opt to pretend did not exist at all.
Some of them I'd like to revere.
Some of them I deem unnecessary to keep up with dear sanity.
Some of them I'd like more clarification on.
Some of them are stories which I can hardly figure whether or not that's the book's last chapter, or does it suggest any eloquent postscript.

It's already May but everything's still a blur.
So yeah, come what MAY.

That's all for now.
A bit sleepy already here in my workstation.

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