Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lie to me not

I am writing this now to express my feelings about how it is to support someone unconditionally even when they have not been entirely honest with you.

I think it's pretty straight-forward that every single soul is entitled to the truth. One does not have to beg for it. It's not something needed to be imposed. It should be given, because why not?

When could I finally stop implanting fictitious beliefs in my mind that I would never have to worry, nor doubt, nor have to decipher whether or not truth is what's in front of me?

I'm getting tired of just standing there, waiting for answers to a million questions. In this world full of lies and pretension, I don't know where to rely to.

Gut feel, eidetic memory, and whatnot. I do think that they do not play their rightful roles anymore.

I moan great desire to be told things that holds true. Those that I could call "facts", not lies. Not presumptions.

I need words that would embrace me so dearly, assuring me that this world, amidst being a treacherous place, can still nudge me to believe in something clear and uncontaminated. No gaslighting, no lying by omission, no secrets.


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