Monday, September 26, 2016

You're driving me wild

I'm sitting idly in my sofa while allowing myself to get lost in this wild galaxy of mixed thoughts, full of pain laced with vast possibilities and hopes. I go back to the day I saw you. You had darker skin and was a bit skinnier than the last time we were together. Acting so far from your usual self. That very minute, seeing you in that state, my eyes refuse to believe that you were there, so close. I ached to touch you, but there was a strong sense that told me that wasn't allowed, so I remained silent and stayed pinned to the small spot where I chose to view you from afar. My chest burned with longing. But so I thought, you were still the same you, my love. That awesome entity who was (is and will be) mine, my beloved, the most familiar face in the world to me. Some things change. Some things grow. And #this love only gets more interesting amidst everything that was. ~gemmieloves

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