Friday, March 10, 2017

"Sabay nating gawing kahapon ang bukas."

Sweet. *tears*
This line is brief yet totally makes me burst into a million pieces

I'm currently feeling some wet form of matter pooling in my eyes.
This line is from "Ikaw at ako" by Johnoy Danao.
So yea, I've been a (lowkey) fan not so long ago.
The world needs much more artists like this J guy.
Since I was a kid, I've been a Rey Valera fan. (very tita, yes)
I think Rey and Johnoy are pretty much similar in some kind of awesome way.
I vividly remember the time I saw him in person while holding the hand of a partner, wayback 2015.
I had no words. Totally in awe of him, spellbound by his rhythm.
If you haven't heard of him (or any of his songs), Google him. Now.
My tummy's churning right now.
So much feels. The lyrics. The melody. His soothing voice.

#NowPlaying ALINLANGAN buy Johnoy Danao ♣