Thursday, July 6, 2017

Every lost girl I know is over eighteen

Oh, Gemmie. You're one of them. *sighs* (pause) *sobs*

It will all make sense. Soon enough.

I guess I'm loving the beauty of being lost sometimes.
It gives yourself some kind of glorious halt in the middle of life's busy circles.
#adulting seems to be harsh word, a hasty thought.
It suggests a thick layer of invisible pressure to prolly anyone my age.
It makes you think that everyone's given the same 24/7 timeframe package, yet wth are you doing with your dear life?
It can be really, really painful in the arse.

Now I'd opt to take a pensive sip in my almost-empty coffee cup.
Not even sure the caffeine is kicking in.

Oh, where am I going with this?

I just guess I haven't felt my own for so long, and I had to let out some thoughts.
I know, it's pretty weird since I've embraced full independence for more than a year already.
But there's that kind of longing for taking an additional stride to be me, express me, love me, and remember the essence of being me.
Know what I mean?
I consider myself to be in the constant, lowkey pursuit of finding a life of transit through experiences in a no-pressure manner, but still trying to set goals for the long haul.
I try to pat myself in the back everytime for every single achievement.

Everyone needs that.

I appreciate and gladly welcome the now.

I thank the universe for every learning and every deep thought life gives me, making sure I still feel something in my solar plexus.
Late night thoughts and sudden surges under the splendid bliss of shower sessions strangely have that weird capacity to hit you hard.
Albeit, the buzz of uncertainties excite me.

These, and all, I am thankful for.
Some things you may not understand to date, but why fret?
Things will unfold in its own phase, in its own form.
Life calls for that ability to read bet. the lines.
Some things do not come in their simplified form.
Get lost in life's circles, but never stop.
It's okay to pause.
But no stalling. Just keep going.
Move foward, always.

#SalamatUniverse ♥

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