Saturday, July 8, 2017

By choice

...I care about what we do and what else we can do
but I can't help to think of what you did as well

I shudder at the thought of you and I

Your smile used to be the bonfire to my reticence
Your skin was the beacon to my inaudible longing
Your presence was my comfort zone
Spending time with you was my definition of paradise
You weren't just my peace
You were my passion gingerly outlined
I thought you were my anchor
But anchors are for firm grips, they do not hold you back

From how it all was, to the way we are now
Or should I put it, the way we were
I'd like to keep you in my pocket,
but you're not mine anymore to keep
I'd like to think you are there, watching over me
I'd like you to open the windows to my soul
You are my liberating place, or at least you should have been
But we took more than two strides away
Perhaps you do not know
I accustomed myself to every inch of you
Subtly. Gently. Lovingly.

Through time and tides apart
I reserved some things I thought you deserved
But now we're miles away

Not by distance
But by choice

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