Thursday, July 6, 2017

#playlist for today

Frantically decided to have myself submerged to the upbeat tracks by these awesome artists:

- Jheine Aiko
- Roy Woods
- Ella Mai
- Trey Songz
- Sza
- Kehlani (bc you so damn important ♥)
- Tinashe
- Sevyn Streeter
- The Weeknd
- Ruth B.
- Kevin Garrett

And course, my all-time fave, WILLIAM SINGE ♥ [insert a zillion hearts and flowers right here]

* special mention to those names highlighted you guys are extra, extra awesomesauce this hellavah week *

Just some of my top picks, esp. for the time being. Keepin' me sane all-day at work and at home.

Which reminds me, I have to buy new speakers for home use.

Music is def life in a thousand sets of notes and beats. Makes me think, it's been a while since I tapped my almost-forgotten muZic life. It's been in a really, really long hiatus. Tbh, I guess my vocal range went all the way down from Soprano to Alto (or maybe even baritone lol if I continue to ignore it haha).

So you perhaps pretty much get it that I'm also one of 'em girls who's into hood music despite the kikay facade. I could go all the way from old tracks to the new ones that millenials surely know. That's a beauty of music. It can take you anywhere in just a jiffy.

I precipitously thought, have I misplaced my inner tune? I somehow forgot part of my music world, I suppose. I miss the palpable exquisiteness of spending time to ripen my skills in strings X chords X arbitrary compositions. When was the last time I took a contemplative seat, laid hands on a plain paper with an itchy pen, and actually written sets of words waiting to be baptized with their own, holy tune? I can't quite recall, tbh.

Hay life. Give me enough creative juices to come up with something really, really nice.

So many catching-up to do.

#TiwalaLang. ♥

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