Sunday, July 9, 2017


It creeps me deep inside
Something that haunts me even at night
Have you ever felt afraid of staying just right where you are?
Any progress? Any improvement?
Just there, the same. Old. You.

They go there, they do this

And there you are, fiddling your thumbs
Not fully decided of the path to take next
They say it's all about timing
But it pains you to think that time is a huge bomb
And you got to do more, you need to do more

You ache to make the most out of everything

Yet there you are, a stale cigarette sitting at the corner
You got light up and burn, and now you got all consumed

Your own time shall come

And they shall see
Stop being clever fixing the world
Be wise and mend yourself instead
Appreciate the little things for now
For you are a work in progress
And that is totally okay

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