Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Star 💫

Irregular scheds. Multiple priorities.
Some adulting things, all scattered, every day.
Billion thoughts every minute, how do they all fit in my head?
Now, I suddenly ask myself, when was the last time I saw stars?
When was the last time you laid eyes on something bright?
Something that sparks and twinkles, glows in its own light.
Sometimes warm, sometimes cool.
Causes you to fantasize and drool.
Something distant, yet you ache to reach.
Something you'd love to gaze while chilling by the beach.
But then I've come to ponder,
It's not the blue blanket's twinkling forms of matter.
It's only you, my star.
It's you.
"It's", not in the form of "it is", but rather, "it was".
And. YOU.

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