Monday, July 10, 2017


Jotting down some of the unplanned thoughts running in my head for a while now:

♥ Fall countless times, get up at least 10x the fall, no matter how hard
♥ Discover new music and underrated artists. Embrace their rhythm and versatility. Chew the lyrics and feel the vibe
♥ Pick your battles. Not all is worth your time and effort
♥ Do not try so hard to reciprocate every. Single. Thing. Again, selection is key
♥ Forgive, but never forget (in time, but not so easily. Yes, that's a new mantra I've learned). Recollect the lesson and the gravity of the actions one can do to you so the next time they attempt to hurt you, you get to be "a little wiser"
♥ A "Facebook like" is not always simply just a hit in that LIKE button. It could mean something else, depending on the doer of the action, and of course, the recipient
♥ Filter your feed. Simply bc you can. It indeed feels good to unfollow people in social media. More than 50% of those who blow up your newsfeed isn't really as worth-knowing about as you thought
♥ Ppl may irk the sh*t out of you from time to time. Keep your calm, but learn to get back if needed. This does not necessarily mean you get to be involved in a brawl or something. Life can be a b*tch sometimes, so let them get their own dose of karma. Being kind is different from allowing yourself to be abused, whatever manner that may be
♥ It's okay to be socially selective. Most ppl do not clarify their true intentions, hence, you should reserve the right to say NO whenever needed
♥ Skills could never be stolen. Harness whatever you got
♥ What others think of you is none of your goddamn business. Let them all get nosy and cray in their heads. Just do what you have to as long as it hurts your own butt, not theirs
♥ Choose wine over beer, even if it means you have to shell out a little more than if you would take the latter. Yay to health benefits, nay to bigger tumtum
♥ Never get tired of competing with yourself. Set targets and long-term goals, but appreciate even the simplest milestones. Go grab some ice cream for each one
♥ Cry when you feel like it. Let it all out until you feel like you've already cried enough and you're ready for the world and all its possible outtakes
♥ Just love and love and love, even if it sucks out the very last bit and piece in (and of) you. You still end up winning. No one loses in love, so long as it is given with all of what you have
♥ Some things deplete over time, even the ones you cherished and prayed for
♥ Attention given at the bare minimum does not deserve to be called one; it's prolly pity, otherwise monotony
♥ Nights, no matter how dark they are at the moment, will always turn into the morning. It only takes less than half a day to see the sun again, beaming at you, tacitly asking you to do the same for the world

All the love, mimi. xx

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